The Little Flower's College

Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth, Pune (MBA)

First Year – First Semester
No. Course Name
01 Essentials and Functions of Management
02 Organisational Behavior
03 Introduction to Management
04 Marketing Management
05 Quantitative Methods
06 Managerial Economics
07 Communication Skills
08 A Image Management
08 B Japanese-I
First Year – Second Semester
No. Course Name
01 Human Resource Management
02 Environmental Studies
03 Financial Management
04 Production Operation and Materials Management
05 Legal Aspects of Business
06 Business Research Methods
07 Computer Application in Management
08 A Business Ethics & Corporate Governance
08 B Japanese-II
Second Year – Third Semester
No. Course Name
MFM 301 Advanced Financial Management
MHR 301 Training and Development
MM 301 Sales Promotion and Administration
MFM 302 Risk Management
MHR 302 Performance Management
MM 302 Distribution Management
Specialization Subjects-III
MFM 303 International Financial Management
MHR 303 Labor Laws and Industrial Relation
MM 303 Salesmanship and Advertising
Specialization Subject- IV
MFM 304 Strategic Human Management
MHR 304 Strategic Human Resource Management
MM 304 Rural Marketing
MBA 305 Entrepreneurship Development and Project Management
MBA 306 Management Information System
MBA 307 Project
MBA 308-A Advance Business English
MBA 308-B Japanese-III
Second Year – Fourth Semester
No. Course Name
MFM 401 Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
MHR 401 Leadership and Decision Making Skills
MM 401 Management of Services
MFM 402 Financial Decision Analysis
MHR 402 Talent Acquisition and Retention
MM 402 Brand Management
Specialization Subject- VII
MFM 403 Management of Financial Institutions
MHR 403 Compensation Management
MM 403 International Marketing
Specialization Subject- VIII
MFM 404 Taxation-Laws and Practices
MHR 404 Cross Cultural and Global Human Resource Management
MM 404 Retail Management
MBA 405 Corporate Policies and Strategic Management
MBA 406 Current Trends in Management
MBA 407 Business Environment
MBA 408-B Japanese-IV
  • One academic year will be divided into two semesters. Examination Will be held at the end of each semester. The program structure mentioned in this prospectus is indicative and may be changed/ updated at the discretion of the Vidyapeeth. It may include co-curricular activities and extra curricular activities as well.
Duration of the Syllabus:
  • In case of any change in partial or full syllabus of the course. The examination of the previous syllabus will be conducted, only for the next 3 consecutive times and the repeaters should clear their backlog of the previous syllabus within those 3 examinations.
  • 80% attendance for Lectures & Activities is mandatory

Internal Assessment

  • This assessment is done at the departmental level. It may consist of theory, practical, team work, internal tests, seminar, project work, industrial training and so on.

External Assessment

Schedule of Examination

  • Semester Examination will be held twice in a year, in the month of November and April each year.