The Little Flower's College


Mr John S. Pereira

October 20, 1900- September 18, 1979

It was over seven decades – in 1935 that, John Stephen Pereira turned east-towards his home town, from England and Europe to share a dream. A dream that he wanted to share with his family, with his friends, with people of Andheri and beyond.

The Little Flower's Education Centre, which encompasses, The Little Flower’s High School and The Little Flower's College, and is the resplendent manifestation of that dream.

The culture and character the distinctive ethos indeed all that is good and creative about The Little Flower's Education Centre carries his indelible imprint. John – the man who saw tomorrow – was indeed unique. He did not instruct, he inspired.

He did not teach, but he touched and transformed. He did not plot the way forward. He helped us, discover within ourselves the strength to find the pathway to the clouds nay to the stars and the Universe. A true visionary, his mind embraced only the future and his world had no boundaries a world where education plays an active role in the promotion of superior quality of life.

A world where excellence in infused with professional attitude, wit, decorum and humour. Unlike life, legacy is infinite and so..... John will live on in the legacy of this institution, in our projects and indeed in everything we venture to do in the field of education that will make India proud.